Spring Semester

Virtual classes only. Hoping to be back in-person sometime 2021 at

Ripley Grier Studios 131 W. 72nd St (Amster & Col) 3rd floor #3R 


1pm-2pm  Adult Ballet Strengthening

3:30 -4:10  Pre-Ballet (3-4 yr olds)

4:15-5:20 Ballet III (10-13 yrs old) 

5:20-6:25  Ballet IV (11-13 yrs old) 

6:25-7:10  Point I (11-13 yrs old) 



3:10-4pm  Ballet I (5-6 yr olds)

4pm-5pm  Tap/Jazz III (10-13 yr old)  

5pm-6pm  Theater Jazz IV (11-14 yrs old) 

6pm-7pm  Theater Jazz Heels (14-18 yrs old)



1pm-2pm  Adult Ballet Strengthening

5pm-6:10  Ballet IV (14-17 yrs old) 

6:10-7pm  Tap IV (11-13 yr olds) 



4pm-5:10  Ballet  IV (13-17 yrs old) 

5:10-6pm  Point II (14-17 yrs old) 

6pm-7pm  Tap IV (14-17 yrs old) 



1pm-2pm  Adult Ballet Strengthening 



10:30-12:30am  Teen Acting Technique, Scene, Monologues

Additional Available Classes

By appointment only:

Private Coaching

Audition Prep

Partnering Technique

Important: Please note that ages for levels are only a general guideline. Maturity, skill level, strength and training must always be taken into consideration for level placement. Children pushed too quickly are at greater risk for injury, especially for point work. Level placement is always at the discretion of the teacher.


$361 per semester (includes 5% discount)

Multiple class discount available

Contact for more information

Class size is limited. No refunds for missed classes. Make-up classes are allowed if taken within the same semester and by appointment only. Prices and schedule subject to change.

Holiday Schedule

We generally follow NYC DOE holiday calendar:

Midwinter Recess - Feb 15-18

Spring Recess - March 29-April 1

Eid Al-Fitr - Thur May 13

Memorial Day - Mon May 30


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