SAKACHEZ Ballet & Theater Jazz
Technique Classes for professional musical theater
teens & tweens


Brain child of Lainie Sakakura and Alex Sanchez, both Broadway Veterans, Teaching Artists, Director/Choreographers, and the parents of two up and coming MT performers.


Our middle and high school kids have more demands, bigger ambitions and very little time. We know how much ballet technique helps our success in musical theater, but many cannot commit to the demands of a full time ballet school. What are the technical dance priorities that a musical theater performer needs to focus on? What is the most economical way to strengthen their dance skills swiftly and effectively? There are no short cuts, but we trimmed the fat and created a class series to work seriously without a year long commitment. 


Sakachez Sunday class series is geared specifically for professional musical theater performers that need to work on technique. Professional kids are smart and focused but may have holes in their dance technique due to work schedules. We want to prevent technical problems that can become more apparent as they transition to adult performers. Learning an audition combination is a quick fix that can only go so far. Ultimately it's real technique that gives a performer longevity in their career. 


After class, students are welcome to join us for lunch to ask questions and receive advice about their careers and concerns. We are limiting our classes to only 10 students. We view our training methods more as mentoring vs just teaching. 

As mentors and teaching artists, Lainie Sakakura and Alex Sanchez offer students not only the experience of performing in multiple Broadway shows, but also 25+ years teaching experience, work as director/choreographers, and as parents. Teen years are challenging, having to juggling many new responsibilities, pressures, and changes. Their self confidence are always tested. They need a constant balance of being pushed and reassured. Working with students for so many years has shown us over and over that teaching the whole child takes time and patience. We strive to help our students connect more deeply with their craft and their peers and community.